Thai Thai Restaurant at Wilkes Barre
Welcome to Thai Thai Restaurant

Thai food is becoming more and more popular internationally , gaining recognition as one of the world' great cuisine , because it is delicious , and healthy To better meet the need of Thai food admirers in all parts of the world , We proudly present to you Authentic Thai cuisine carefully authored by "Deach Sreesonti" the expert chef and more than 25 years experience on Thai Food Thai cooking is an art form. The Characteristics of Thai food depend on who cooks it, for whom it is cooked . For what occasion , and where it is cooked. Dished can be refined and adjusted to suit all palates. Originally , Thai cooking reflected the characteristics of waterborne life style . Aquatic animals , Plants and herbs were major ingredients . As the fact that ingredient of most Thai food is herbs which is the essential key leading to good health , especially for people who are health conscious.

Jasmine rice and especially important role in Thai cuisine . It's unique aroma and texture help to highlight the many flavors that essential parts of any Thai meal. This is the reason the Thai are never tired of rice . The rice and its complimentary dish become one like yang and yin.

TO OUR CUSTOMER Authentic Thai food contains many exotic and flavorful ingredients , including PEANUTS If you are allergic to any types of food Please inform your server. Thank you for letting us serve you better Thai Thai Restaurnt.