Thai Thai Restaurant at Wilkes Barre
Dinner Menu
1. Golden Triangle ( Fried Tofu ) - $6.95
Deep fried bean curd served with sweet and sour sauce and ground peanuts.
2. Thai Spring Rolls - $7.95
Crispy rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot , celery and clear noodles served with plum sauce.
3. Thai Dumpling - $7.95
Steamed wontons stuffed with crab meat , ground pork , shrimp and chicken served with sweet black sauce.
4. Curry Puff - $7.95
Pastry dough stuffed with chicken , onion , potato and coriander, garlic , black peppers served with cucumber sauce.
5. Satay ( Beef or Chicken Skewered ) - $7.95
Exotic flavorful Thai B.B.Q. marinated in curry powder and Thai herbs served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.
6. Thai Buffalo Wings - $7.95
Marinated chicken wing with Thai herbs mixed with spicy sauce.
7. Tod Mun Pla ( Thai Fish Cake ) - $7.95
Mince kneaded with chili paste deep fried to golden brown and served with sweet chili sauce.
8. Hoy Jor ( Crab Roll ) - $7.95
Marinated crab meat , shrimp and ground pork wrap with tofu skin served with chili and plum sauce.
9. Goong Pao - $7.95
Grilled shrimp on skewer marinated in Thai herb served with Thai chili sauce and peanut sauce.
10. A Little Mermaid - $7.95
Deep fried shrimp wrapped with spring roll skin with three flavor sauce.
11. Golden Ring - $7.95
Crispy fried caramari served with Thai spicy sauce.
12. Steamed Mussels - $9.95
Steamed fresh mussels with lemon grass, basil leaves , shallots , kaffir lime leaves served with Thai spicy sauce.
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