Thai Thai Restaurant at Wilkes Barre
Dinner Menu
Thai Cury
Served with steamed jasmine Rice

80. Thai Thai Salad - $18.95
Grilled marinated chicken breast with herbs come with green papaya salad and sweet coconut rice.
81. Pra Ram - $18.95
Sauteed sliced chicken breast with homemade peanut sauce and steamed broccoli
82. Holy Basil Pork chop - $19.95
Grilled marinated pork chop with herbs topped with onion, bell peppers, chili , basil leave.
83. Pork Chop Garlic - $19.95
Grilled marinated pork chop with herbs over with carrot , mushroom , black pepper , garlic and brown sauce.
84. Emerald Salmon - $21.95
Pan seared salmon and green peas , dice carrots , avocado , bell peppers , basil leaves, with green curry sauce.
85. Tuna Panang Avocado - $21.95
Pan seared tuna steak and bell peppers , avocado , kaffir lime leaves with panang curry sauce
86. Tuna Pad Phong Karee - $21.95
Pan seared tuna steak over with sauteed bell peppers , onion , scallions , celery , and homemade thick yellow curry sauce.
87. Basil Steak - $21.95
Grilled rib eye steak over with sauteed ,garlic ,chili , onion , bell peppers and basil leaves
88. Curry Steak - $21.95
Grilled rib eye steak and bell peppers , string beans, kaffir lime leaves , over with homemade curry sauce.
Thai Curry
Thai Noodle
Fried Rice
Whole Fish
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